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How to professionalize the security industry

How to professionalize the security industry
After more than 400 years the private security industry in the UK can claim advances in proficiency yet continues to fall behind in its pursuit of professionalism. As a private security analyst, I’ll tell you why I believe the industry needs to do more to break away from a public perception that has it as no more than a force of ‘night watchmen.’
I strongly believe that there is no room in the industry for watchmen. Instead, the industry needs to develop a clear career path for those who join, and demonstrate that it is an industry with the ability to make a significant contribution to the overall security of the country.
As a store detective, I worked with a number of the country’s larger retailers. Constant contact with customers enabled me to track a variety of situations but, after around 3 years there are two incidents that remain with me.
The first happened during my first day on duty at a store in Camberley. A couple entered the store and headed for the coat section. The lady removed a coat from the hanger, tried it on and casually walked over to the exit and with her partner made a run for a waiting car-The cost of the coat… £900 - Why high value coats were not protected better and why were they so close to the exit? These are questions I asked myself.
So with this in mind whenever I was assigned to a retail store, during my store tour, I identified items of high value and determined whether they were positioned in a

Windows 7 security : A great leap forward or business as usual?

The public release of Windows 7 is approaching fast. Debates and discussions have been raging on the security improvements in the new platform, and some potential problems have also emerged. In this white paper, we run through the most significant changes and additions, and look at what they might mean to users and administrators.
by Chester Wisniewski, Senior Security Advisor, Sophos
Can Windows 7 succeed where Vista didn’t?
The much-heralded Windows Vista had a mediocre reception on its initial release, and never really took off despite great efforts from Microsoft to encourage hardware vendors to use it. Many businesses, wary of numerous issues, opted to stick to the tried and trusted XP until the new platform stabilized with service packs and upgrades.
But Microsoft took a different course – it rushed to create a replacement platform.
The upgrades included with Vista focused on visuals and certain speed improvements. But the platform introduced a number of new or improved security features, most notable of which was the User Account Control (UAC) system, which was designed to prevent unauthorized execution of code. UAC was widely criticized for its intrusive popups, and its reliance on the understanding of a largely untrained user base that is more likely to ignore or disable the alerts than to take the time to decipher their meaning.
Some other minor additions, such as encryption software BitLocker and the Address Space Randomization system, provided a little extra security, while some items such as the one-way firewall and the Security Center remained largely unchanged.
With Windows 7, Microsoft showed that it is paying attention to its critics and has attempted to deal with a number of these issues.
Some of the changes are largely cosmetic, with further upgrades to the desktop look and feel that continue the direction taken by Vista, following the lead of a certain rival operating system with a far better reputation for glossy visual appeal and user-friendly design.
Under the hood, there are new additions and serious

The 10 Coolest Information Security Careers

Every time someone asks me about my profession, people’s reaction is often the same: -Wow! So you’re like those hackers I see in the (Hollywood) movies! That’s really cool! Listen, can you discover someone’s password for me?
After an hour long monologue telling them the difference between hackers and crackers, the unethical implications of discovering someone else’s password, the basics of networking functionality and so on, people are still amazed by the knowledge the profession requires and the coolness of “attacking” websites and investigating a computer crime. I guess it’s a reflex of that famous TV series…
But either we like it or not, Information Security careers hold a certain glamour and ignite people’s imagination. Thus, I’ve decided to research a bit further, and write down what each job is about so the next time I’m asked, I’ll just refer people to this page.
This article is also useful if you’re considering to start your Information Security career or looking for some career tips.
So, let’s see what we’ve got. Let me highlight that the career order here purely reflects my personal preference. Objections are welcome!
The article is written in descending order to give you that suspense feeling

10 – Information Security Analyst

Choosing A Security Company

Security is a necessary part of life these days and it is wise to choose a reputable security company for your needs. If you have never done this before, you will need to know just what to look for. If you need security for an event, you may be tempted to hire your own security guards, but how do you know what training they have had for the job? By hiring a security company you won't have to vet each security guard personally, because that job will have been done by the company.

When choosing a security company there are certain things you need to consider. Firstly, their accreditations; don't just accept these at face value though.

You must discuss your requirements with the company to ensure

Security Services In Ncr

Security personnel are not police officers, unless they are security police, but are often identified as such due to similar uniforms and behaviors, especially on private property.

Services provided by any Security Company deals in, the prevention of unauthorized activity or entry, traffic regulation, access control, and fire and theft prevention and detection. These services can be broadly described as the protection of personnel and/or assets. Other security services such as roving patrol, bodyguard, and guard dog services are also included, but are a very small portion of the industry.

Employees of private security companies are generally referred to either as "security guards" or "security officers", depending on the laws of the state or country they operate in. Security companies themselves are sometimes referred to as "security contractors.

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The importance of information security training

Information security training is one very important as well as sensitive aspect which needs to be dealt with in the right manner by all companies who work using large volumes of data on a daily basis. Some of this data and information which they are handling on an everyday basis could be of a very sensitive nature and the consequences of this information reaching the wrong hands could also prove to be fatal. Many companies could end up suffering from severe losses if any confidential and sensitive information pertaining to the company is made available to the wrong people. Sometimes the security measures which have been undertaken in order to protect the sensitive data and information are so weak that they can be easily circumvented by any expert hacker. Due to all these security concerns, a lot of companies have decided to make information security training, a mandatory point on the learning curve for all their employees.
The main purpose behind conducting these information security training programs is that all employees will be well qualified to provide the right amount of security and protection for all the sensitive and confidential information which is being handled by the company. Apart from protecting the data and information, they will also be taught as to how they should deal with trespassers who try to gain access to this information and use it for the wrong purposes and also try to destroy it in certain

Top 30 Killer Home Security Tips You Can’t Do Without Security Make sure garage, shed and property gates and fully secured after every use. Purchase more secure locks if necessary. Expensive gardening equipment should be security locked away such as lawn mowers. Be sure all garage doors are locked when leaving the house If you have a door connecting the garage to the house it should be solid wood or metal and secured with a strong lock and dead bolt.
Your garage door should be fitted with a strong security lock which is preferably secured to the floor. Get into the habit of always locking your car door when you come home at night. Bicycles and motorbikes should be secured or locked away safe. If you own ladders make you these are all secured or locked away.
Don’t allow drain pipes to be used to gain access to upper floors. Shrubs, trees and bushes should all be pruned so the burglar cannot hide. Install exterior security floodlighting that works with a motion sensor. Be sure any outdoor lighting is switched on in the evening.
So an emergency service can find your house in an emergency, make sure your house number or name is clearly visible Imagine you have locked yourself out – how easy could you break in? Fix any weaknesses that can allow an easy entry for the burglar.